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LC’s clothing line halted

So, apparently Lauren Conrad [of Laguna Beach and The Hills] isn’t having much success with her clothing line. She is stopping production for her latest seasons and is blaming the economy.
I do have a somewhat unhealthy and unsubstantiated obsession with LC and her posse, but might she consider that $200 basic jersey dresses, especially when made by a non-celebrity celebrity might just be stupid no matter what state the economy is in?
Sorry girl.


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be careful what you twitter!

Have you read this? I always warn my boyfriend to censor his tweets–now maybe he’ll take me seriously!

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first wordpress & the chris/rihanna debate

Please bear with me while I try to figure out how to use this wordpress business… I come from the old school HTML-only webpages, Expage (anyone remember that??) online journals, and, most recently, Blogger. I thought I should give this a try!

As I’m trying to figure this out, I’ve been simultaneously watching Oprah’s show on domestic abuse / reading the NYTimes article on teenager’s reactions to the Rihanna/Chris Brown situation.  I’m heartbroken to see how many women are blaming the victim / supporting the perpetrator… these ladies need some serious education, lest they end up in similar situations.

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